Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wordzworth4eva. RECOMMENDED!

As I was looking through some blogs I discovered one that has talked about our blog and discussed what we did and how much they liked it. So I decided to return the favor and talk about how much I liked the blog Wordzworth4eva. This blog as I guess was focused towards the Romantic poet William Wordsworth. It was created by the very talented Alyck Horton, Presley Lewis and Keyla Roberts of class A1. As I started reading it I began to remember something I read about Coleridge and how he and Wordsworth used to be good buddies, this blog seemed just perfect to talk about. I really enjoyed the layout of the blog and how appealing it was too me, simple and clean. The post by Alyck talking about Charles Darwin and William Wordsworth was very informative and educational. I liked how he also included the ties of medicine with the American Red Cross and Jehovah’s Witnesses since we are in the medical area of CAL. Alycks other post about a mini biography of Wordsworth was also a key piece of this blog because I didn’t know much about Wordsworth and I really didn’t want to read a whole paper about him so just getting the main facts about his life was really nice and helped me better understand what make him so special as a poet. I also thought his little “cliff notes” were a good touch. Also Keyla’s post on Wordsworth’s poem “I Wander as a Lonely Cloud” was written very well and was so easy for me to understand. I think I may actually have to go read that poem now just to check it out.
I can tell now that the Wordzworth4eva blog is really blooming and will be a great blog if they are to stick with it and continue to add more information. I really did get a lot out of it and find myself waiting with anticipation over the next posts that will come. Overall the blog was very enjoyable to read and I highly would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about Romanticism, William Wordsworth or just wants a good blog to read in general.
Thanks Wordzworth4eva!


  1. How were you able to make Wordzworth4eva the link the page? Can you tell me how?


    -Lauryn H

  2. It was an option in the tools bar. It should say something like link and you just highlight the words you want to link. Hope that helps!