Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Thumbs Up For This Blog!

Here I’ll be exploring a great blog site name Different Perspectives on Samuel Coleridge’s Poetry made by Amanda, Yev and Stephan and Henley
Click here to go straight to the site: Blog Site!

This blog did a wonderful job explaining Coleridge works and his life. I liked how they had a biography part about Coleridge so someone who didn’t know who he was would be able to get a better understanding of this poet. 
There are some really cool icons of a spinning globe on this blog that I thought was a plus! I enjoyed looking at the picture because it helped me comprehend the content of the post both visually and mentally. The title of each post captivates you to read it. They are very creative with their title choices. 
I liked how they break down some of Coleridge’s well known poem then explains the meaning of them. They have interesting information not just on Coleridge’s poems but fun miscellaneous facts about him too. It helps keep the reader interested. I like the video of the spoken version of Kubla Khan. 
The background is simple yet easy to navigate. The font is easy to read and it doesn’t get washed out by the background. There was nothing too overly dramatic that would be annoying to the reader. Everything is clear and understandable. The title of the blog ‘Different Perspectives on Samuel Coleridge’s Poetry’ is concise and explains exactly what they will be talking about. The purpose of the blog is clear. The contents are accurate and credible. 
After visiting the blog I have learned several new information about Coleridge that I never knew before. The Christabel story that Yevgeniy talked about made me very interested in reading it myself.  I found Henley's post on ‘the type who write in sleep’ a very amusing read. I didn’t notice till now that the poem Kubla Khan resembles so much like an act of sex. All of the blog members did a great job providing information on Samuel Coleridge. This is a wonderful site to check out if you don’t know or want to learn more about who Coleridge was.

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