Monday, January 3, 2011

Percy Shelley Blog--READ NOW!

Click here to visit the amazing site dedicated to the romantic poet Percy Shelley. This blog was created by Chrisy Vo, Jacky Bertholomey, and McKenzie DeWitt. You can even see these beautiful ladies for yourselves because they have provided their pictures on the blog itself! The blog is quite visually pleasing with the great color scheme. This well done blog has a lot of good information about Shelley, including poems written by Shelley. The poems they post and talk about have many different themes. The themes can vary from nature, death to life, and spiritual differences. This blog also has quite a lot of great videos and pictures to help better understand and visualize what Shelley was really saying in his poems. What I really enjoyed was the different interesting pictures that were put into the blog to make it more interesting and more visually appealing. The video's and pictures also helped me visualize and enjoy learning the information more because it wasn't all only text. Everyone appreciates a nice short summary or only needing to listen every once in a while! A cool video that I saw on the blog was of a British lady reciting the poem "The Cloud" while you could read long with the words of the poem located below the video.  I mean hello, everyone likes a nice British person talking to you. If you don’t want to read you could then just see a nice picture of a cloud in the background!! Which must be nice for those who live in Oregon to be able to see a nice picture of a cloud on a sunny day. Warning: It can make you very sleepy. I know this because I seriously almost fell asleep. Well having it been late at night and my electric blanket going could of also contributed to that. Something else that I think is really useful is there is not a bunch of useless information that makes the post go on and on and literally puts you to sleep. The information that is used is clear, interesting, and right to the point. This blog is a great resource if you want to learn about the great romantic poet Percy Shelley!!
You only have to click here.

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