Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Melting Possibilities, A Prose Poem

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Above I have included a play list for the song Woods by Bon Iver, it's what inspired this piece. Enjoy.

I need this old dream to break down.

I need to understand the colors and the rhythm of my subconscious mind. How can I put together the pieces, to make them fit into a reality? Will my reality and my dreams exist within the same realm of possibilities, or do they have separate lives.
One is experiencing the shades of colors I never knew I could understand.
It’s painted with aqua blues as deep as the ocean of your eyes. And reds that fire wishes they could burn. In my dreams I see perfection melted within chaos.
It’s beautiful.
I can run on grass that surpasses skyscrapers, I can breathe in water and feel fuller of life than I did when I breathed in air. I’ll never leave.
Until the cold chill of life creeps back into the frontal lobe of my brain. I awaken to the harsh elements of being seventeen. The dream scape in which I thrive in, that surrounded me, vanishes, without so much as a proper goodbye.
And my brain goes to functional stage.
This reality is dulled of colors, with greens that machines created from chemicals of a toxic substance. And yellows that could pass as a dirty white. Yet this is what any red blooded American sees as beautiful. How do I make my dreams and reality coincide with each other? To make them one would seem effortless to the traveling wanderer. But to the fast pace city slicker they will never be near the same time zone. Leaving me to wonder if I’m a vagabond or a CEO at heart.
Will my old dreams break down into a new reality? They can live together, in a spectrum where my brain and heart breathe in the same ideas and feelings. Where they can be one.
This I believe I can do. Can you?

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