Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Best of Blake

The Best of Blake by Becca Gaulke, Kendal Kern, and Pang Thao was the blog I decided to take a deeper look at instead of just browsing through it like I did with the rest of the blogs. What I found the most interesting was how their blog had a nice background and a good layout which made the blog easy to read. I liked how the posts didn’t seem boring enough that I felt like falling asleep or scrolling to the bottom of the page right away to see if it was even going to be worth my time. I also like that when one of them would talk about a quote they didn’t just put the quote and start writing they made the quote slide across the screen which made it easier to read and it caught my eye; it was like a big arrow that said read me! Also the quotes that they have on there are kind of catchy and interesting to think about. Also the quotes are very relatable to real life. Becca talked about a quote by Blake, “Do what you will, this world’s a fiction and is made up of contradiction,” and it really got my attention the most because her interpretation of it is really good. Also I feel that, after reading her interpretation, it describes Blake very well, which would help someone who doesn’t know anything about him understand what he was all about. Although none of them talked about one video that they put up it was still entertaining to watch. The video was a poem animation of “The Tiger” which was both interesting and creepy. It was interesting to see a picture of Blake recite his own poem even long after he has been dead. But yet it was also creepy because it reminded me of something that would be considered “evil” out of a Disney movie like Snow White or something. I would recommend this blog to someone who doesn’t know anything about Romanticism because it has a nice layout that could appeal to that person’s tastes and it is very informative.

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