Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kubla Khan Response

I cannot decide if Kubla Khan could be about how some parts of nature are good and some parts are bad or if it is more about religion, God vs. the Devil. It could be about nature being good and bad because in some parts it talks about trees and the sea, which seem like they are good, then it talks about shadows and ice, which seem like they are bad. The reason I think this is because of how Coleridge describes the different scenes of nature is very detailed it is like I am standing there looking at everything. It is also like he is painting a picture with words to tell a blind person what is around them so that they can see their surroundings which makes it seem very real. But then it talks about a woman, Coleridge narrates this section, and he sees himself in the poem, which could be like God, then more towards the end of the poem it talks about a man and how we should beware of him with, “His flashing eyes, his floating hair!” which could be like the Devil. Also when it says, “By woman wailing for her demon-lover!” could also be like the Devil because of the demon part. When it says, “For he on honey-dew hath fed, and drunk the milk of Paradise,” which could be like Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit. Or maybe the nature and religion go hand in hand like Shovel and Pail from Blue’s Clues and I am just not quite getting the connection between the two of them.
Overall I thought that this was an interesting poem to read since it does not make sense to me I was made to think more and look deeper into it to try and find the meaning. Compared to Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner I think I like this one more because it is more of a visual poem and it is not extremely long so I stayed more focused on what was being said instead of just trying to read it to be done with it.

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