Friday, December 31, 2010

Prose Poem: My Everlasting Heaven Without You

Even when the sky is falling down, you were never there for me. The world seems lonely on a summer day without a single cloud. The only sound I hear is the beating of my empty heart. As the fog dissipates, I feel the early sunrise breeze on my sun burnt hands and feet. I paid no attention to the aching pain on my skin.
Oh how my white dress has gotten dirty like an old rag. I laid down on the cold unforgiving beach to rest. The warming sun rays slowly awaken me from my deep slumber. I’m prepared to face the trials that lie ahead.
Do you still remember, to this day?
Singing along to a love song, reflected in your eyes, the way we felt around the time we met?
When we were so naive and energetic? Now we can’t return to those times even if it was possible.
So goodbye innocence, so goodbye happiness.
I was running around in blissful ignorance. Day and months went by so fast. Summer turned into winter and continued on its own cycle that no one can dare stop. Around me creation just turns and turns…
I feel as if I was in an unconscious paradise. I’m always dreaming with no limits. Oh how the landscape I see brings me warmth and tranquility. I bathed in the radiant sunlight. The brightness made every single shadow invisible.
You no longer mean anything to my heart. Everything was a lie.
Getting across the treacherous mountain I went. The rain poured down on me, washing away my deepest fear. Once on the top, standing there I discover what good was waiting for me on the other side. Awaken from my deep slumber I was able to see life with a new understanding. I no longer am carrying the heavy burden on my chest. The night light of the moon shined brightly against my skin as if I was glowing.

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